Volume10, Number2 (March 2023)

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Japanese Journal of Arcaheology is the English-language journal of the Japanese Archaeological Association.

The Japanese Journal of Archaeology (hereinafter abbreviated ‘JJA’)  is a Web-based, open-access journal ( and features peer-reviewed original research and review articles written in English, primarily, but not exclusively, concerning 1) archaeological studies of the Japanese archipelago, and 2) archaeological studies of other regions relevant to the Japanese Archaeological Association. Contributors are not charged to publish in the journal.

The project of launching and publishing JJA was approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Japaense Archaeological Assocaition in May 2013, and the Inaugural issue was published in December 2013.

The project is funded by ‘Grant-in Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results’ of Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS).

JJA is published twice annually.


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Editorial 67 >> PDF 157KB
Part 1: Summary of Work Awarded Japanese Archaeological Association Prize 69 >> PDF 161KB
The Functions of Wooden Mallets: Focus on the Kinki Region in Prehistoric and Ancient Times
MAEDA Hitoki
71 >> PDF 2.8MB
The Development of Kofun-period Iron-framed Armour
117 >> PDF 2.01MB
Jomon Society, East and West: A Study of the Social Structure of the Late Jomon Period
151 >> PDF 9.18MB
Structures and Dynamics of Settlements in the First Half of Satsumon Culture
205 >> PDF 3.83MB
Notes to Contributors 246 >> PDF 382KB

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